Faculty of Science and Mathematics Print


Višegradska 33, 18000 Niš

phone: (018) 533 015 • fax: (018) 533 014


Dean: Prof. Dragan Djordjević, PhD
Vice Dean for academic affairs: Prof. Vladimir Randjelović, PhD
Vice Dean for science and research: Prof. Ivan Mančev, PhD
Vice Dean for financial matters: Prof. Aleksandra Zarubica, PhD

Video presentation of the faculty:

The academic studies at I degree studies (3 year academic studies) and II degree studies (2 year postgraduate academic studies and 1 year specialized academic studies) are organized within the following areas:
– Mathematics,
– Informatics,
– Physics,
– Chemistry,
– Geography,
– Biology.

The III degree studies have 4 study programs of doctoral studies in the following areas:
– Mathematics
– Informatics
– Physics
– Chemistry.

The Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics prepares its students for the number of activities in the industry, IT companies, State bodies, stock exchanges, banks, touristic organizations, and for the variety of other activities.

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