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Arrival Dates

You should arrive in Niš a week or two before the beginning of the semester or academic year that you intend to complete at the University of Niš in order to complete all the necessary paperwork and, if applicable, find accommodation.

Orientation Day(S)

The Office for International Cooperation organizes a short orientation programme for all international students at the beginning of every mobility period, at every level of studies, at each faculty. In addition, together with the Buddy Network, it will be at the students’ disposal throughout their stay in Niš, so that all incoming international students can get the necessary logistic support regardless of the date of their arrival and the length of their stay.

The International Relations Office (IRO)

The International Relations Office of the University of Niš coordinates all academic programmes at the University level and provides specialist support to students who come from outside Serbia. Therefore, upon arrival, all international students are required to register at the International Relations Office, which is usually stipulated in the student's scholarship agreement.

The address of the Office is:
University of Niš, The Rectorate, Univerzitetski trg 2, Room 17, 18000 Niš


Dubravka Paligorić: ;
Nevana Mitić: ;
Ana Savić:

Tel.: 381 18 257093
Fax: 381 18 257950