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Serbian courses are organized at the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign and the Second Language ( operating within the Department of Serbian Language of the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. The Centre offers different levels of courses and its programme is intended for:

  • students of Slavic studies from foreign universities
  • exchange students in international students' mobility programmes
  • foreign citizens intending to study at any of the faculties of the University of Niš
  • all foreign citizens who want to learn standard Serbian and get a certificate for it.

The Centre also organizes Serbian language proficiency tests for foreign citizens.

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A1 - intended for absolute beginners and its aim is mastering of the pronunciation of all Serbian language phonemes, learning Serbian Cyrillic and Latin script, as well as learning basic grammar.

A2 - intended for those students who already gained basic knowledge of Serbian (including the level A1 knowledge), with more detailed learning of grammar. 


B1 - intended for students who have already acquired the level A2 knowledge and who would like to have more independent communication through learning more advanced grammar and vocabulary.

B2 - intended for those who have already gained competence at B1 level and want to acquire skills of more spontaneous communication and learn more about Serbian culture.


C1 - intended for those students who have a solid knowledge of the standard Serbian language (competence in B1 or B2) but would like to further improve the vocabulary and grammar.

C2 - intended for those who already gained competence at C1 level and want to broaden their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, with the aim of advanced professional training and career building.


Individual courses are available for all levels, from A1 to C2.


The courses are organized by semesters during the academic year (from October until June). The fee for each course is €600, while individual courses are charged €15 per class (45 minutes).

Level Semester Number of classes per week Total number of classes
 A1 Autumn / Spring  4  60
 A2 Autumn / Spring  4  60
 B1 Autumn / Spring autumn  4  60
 B2 Autumn / Spring  4  60
 C1 Autumn / Spring  4  60
 C2 Autumn / Spring  4  60

 The fee for the evaluation of knowledge of the Serbian language for foreign citizens is €150.