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rektor dragan anticRelying on a half-century tradition built upon the knowledge, work, energy and enthusiasm of previous generations of visionaries of the present and future academic community which has cultivated the intellectual elite not only in this part of Serbia but also in the whole region, we are honoured but we also have a great responsibility to continue and to follow the road paved by the best among us. It is not easy to follow this road, but it is the only possible one if youstrive towards consistency, prosperity and more certain future, by respecting the dignifi ed past and following the directions imposed by the needs of the modern way of life.

University, with its 13 faculties, represents a strong intellectual basis for development and establishment of partnership with relevant economic entities and local government, and with international institutions as well. Responsibly cherishing the established collaboration and building new bridges of cooperation with universities, research centers and multinational companies, we establish and strengthen a network whose primary goal is student mobilities, knowledge transfer and modern technologies.

Students of the University of Niš, now distinguished scholars and teachers with the highest professional titles at prestigious universities, recognized researchers in the global scientifi c community, are the genuine reference of our higher education institution and good role models for young academics. They have proved that impressive results can be achieved with optimal use of modern modes of studying and with personal commitment, which certainly imply good outcomes.

The present moment is a very important link between the fi rst half-century and the rest of the history of the University of Niš that is to be written by the forthcoming generations. That link must be reliable, which will preserve the honourable past and provide a secure future. We sincerely hope that we are capable enough to cope with these responsibilities.

rektor antic potpis

Prof. Dragan Antić, PhD
rector of the University