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The University main offices are situated in one of the most representative city  structures, an edifi ce built in the late 19th century, which was formally recog- nized as a cultural treasure of major signifi cance in 1979.

The building was constructed way back in 1887, in the city center, at the right  bank of the river Nisava, for the needs of the district authorities of that time.  The monumental building bears characteristics of the neo Renaissance style,  designed by an unknown Viennese architect. During its long history, it was fi rst  housing the District Court, the District Government and the Military Headquarters and then, in the period from July 26th 1914 to October 16th 1915, when Niš  was the Serbian war capital, the building was the seat of the Serbian Govern- ment and its Ministry of the Interior. It was to this edifi ce that the formal declara- tion of war was directed from Austria-Hungary on July 28th 1914.


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In 1930, the building became the administrative seat of the Morava County,  after the World War II it housed the District Administration, while in 1967 it  was assigned to the permanent use to the University of Nis.

In 2008, marking the 120th Anniversary of its building, the University of Niš has,  for the fi rst time, completed the necessary adaptation and construction works  in order to enable access to persons with disabilities to all University facilities.